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Client Money Protection

Is your rental income protected through Client Money Protection?

Bonnards are a proud member of UKALA which means your money is protected and if anything should go wrong, our landlords can make a claim and UKALA will arrange a reimbursement*, there is no need to worry.

Client Money Protection is a scheme that provides compensation for landlords and tenants when rogue agents misuse or misappropriate their rent, security deposits or any other client funds. 

To find out more about what it means to be a UKALA agent, visit the UKALA website or see their accounting rules

Our top tips for checking your agent has Client Money Protection

Similar to losing the value of your car in an accident if you were without insurance, your letting agent not being covered could mean you lose money you’re entitled to. This could happen if your letting agent misappropriates your funds, ‘runs off’ or goes out of business.

Here’s our tips from ARLA propertymark to check your agent is protecting your money:

  1. Check that your agent is covered.
  2. In accordance with the Consumer Rights Act, an agent must display in their office and on their website if they have CMP, and who provides it for them. In the same way, an agent must disclose if they have no CMP cover.
  3. ARLA Propertymark suggests you ask your agent:
  • Are you giving tenants all of the documentation required by law at the start of a tenancy?
  • How can you protect me and my property in this increasingly litigious world?
  • What if the tenant defaults on rent payments and what is your timeline of expectations?

Client Money Protection Certificate

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